Poems of Friends

To Be a Fair Princess

To be a fair princess
Dear ladies and gents,
Requires some wisdom,
Requires some sense.
A princess of fairness
Brings joy to the land,
And her presence at court
Is in highest demand.

To be a good princess,
Or better than fair,
A wit that is quick
Must live under her hair.
A princess that’s good
Has some wisdom and loves
To turn dark warring knights
Into tender white doves.

To be the best princess,
The best princess ever,
Demands that the royal one
Be more than clever.
She needs more than kindness.
She needs to be trusted,
For lying, in rulers,
Makes people disgusted.

The worth of a princess
Is not in her looks,
Her castle, her parents,
Her hundreds of books.
The worth of a princess
Is there from the start.
It comes from the goodness
That lives in her heart.

To Be a Fair Princess PDF

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