Poems of Friends


Way back in the long ago
And far away, my dear,
There lived a sweet creator who
Created something strange and new,
As new and strange and lovely, too,
As ever reached the ear.

One day, while sitting in the sun
Beside a rushing stream,
A feeling grew inside a maid.
It felt of clouds and marmalade,
Of tickly toes and warm socks laid
In pairs, of pie and cream.

“How very snug I feel,” she thought.
“How very warm and light.”
Then from her mouth a song came out,
A halfway hum, a halfway shout,
A trill that rose and turned about
And danced in joyous flight.

The maid flew home to share the song.
Folks came from far and wide
To hear the new and wondrous sound
That made feet tap, that made hearts pound
From king to babe to howling hound,
From town to countryside.

Before too long, a singing voice
Was heard in every shire
And men and women, young and old
Were trilling tunes of heroes bold,
Of love and death their voices tolled
In trio, band, or choir.

And thus, a happy, sun-warmed maid
Brought music to our ears.
A call to joy she did obey
And simple song was born that day,
One sweet creation here to stay
For years and years and years and years
And years
        And years
                And years


Creation PDF

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