Poems of Friends


At the top of the steps
In a snow-white house
Lived a beautiful snow-white door.
Its glass was all etched
With white tree limbs and snowflakes.
Its glossy white paint reached the floor.

Though the steps were of marble,
The sill, solid oak,
All felt that the door was the best.
It opened. It closed.
Light poured through the etchings
To welcome each road-weary guest.

One day, small Renee,
The young child of the house,
Got carried away with her ball.
She whipped it and whacked it.
She popped it and smacked it
At lightning speed through the front hall.

When all of a sudden,
The door gave a moan
As the ball hit the etching full tilt,
And snowflakes and tree limbs
In splinters of glass
Caused the door to lean forward and wilt.

“My friend,” called the sill
To the stair steps below,
“Please pray that I hold up the door.”
And the marble soon started
Its own marble chant
That sent strength to the sill through the floor.

The family took
The door out for repairs.
And when she returned, good as new,
She gave a slight bow
To the sill and the stairs and said,
“Friends, if it were not for you,

“My wood and my brass
Would have shattered as well.
I thank you with all of my heart.
For a door cannot do
All the work she must do
Without others so doing their part.”

The sill shimmered and gave
The white door a small hug.
The stairs gave the door a small kiss.
And to this very day
As you climb to the door
You can sense their support and their bliss.

“We welcome you here.”
So whispers the door
At the top of the snow-white abode.
“And the sill and the stair—
Such a beautiful pair—
Also wish you sweet rest from the road.”

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Poems of Friends


The world is a wonderful place to be

But when night is too dark and the voices too loud,
When our bright smiles and waves are ignored by the crowd
When the folks we love most are too angry or proud
Light your lamp.
Come with Me.

Beauty surrounds us abundantly

But when friends we hold tightly have lost their own way
When shadows are with us all hours of the day
When sad disappointments seem destined to stay
Light your lamp.
Come with Me.

We’ll scrub up our hearts ‘til they’re shiny and clean
We’ll sit close together and pray
O, the lamps of our spirits will glow with our love
And the darkness will wither away.

Yes, this world is a wonderful place to be

But remember, when tulips are buried by snow
When clouds hide the stars in the sky, row by row
We can search for the Voice deep inside we all know
“Light your lamp.
Come with Me.”

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Poems of Friends


Way back in the long ago
And far away, my dear,
There lived a sweet creator who
Created something strange and new,
As new and strange and lovely, too,
As ever reached the ear.

One day, while sitting in the sun
Beside a rushing stream,
A feeling grew inside a maid.
It felt of clouds and marmalade,
Of tickly toes and warm socks laid
In pairs, of pie and cream.

“How very snug I feel,” she thought.
“How very warm and light.”
Then from her mouth a song came out,
A halfway hum, a halfway shout,
A trill that rose and turned about
And danced in joyous flight.

The maid flew home to share the song.
Folks came from far and wide
To hear the new and wondrous sound
That made feet tap, that made hearts pound
From king to babe to howling hound,
From town to countryside.

Before too long, a singing voice
Was heard in every shire
And men and women, young and old
Were trilling tunes of heroes bold,
Of love and death their voices tolled
In trio, band, or choir.

And thus, a happy, sun-warmed maid
Brought music to our ears.
A call to joy she did obey
And simple song was born that day,
One sweet creation here to stay
For years and years and years and years
And years
        And years
                And years


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Poems of Friends

King of the Bees

The day was so warm and so sunny and fine.
The Queen Bee had just hung the wash on the line
When the King of the Bees sipped his last cup of tea
And said, “What a great day to be bad!”

He lazily strolled through the frantic bee town
Throwing, tickling, and kicking bees up and bees down.
Damaged drones of all sizes and shapes lined his path.
All the bee folk were angry and sad.

The Great Spirit peered down, as He often will do,
And He called out, “O King of the Bee Hives, will you
Please stop hurting your subjects? They can’t laugh or work,
And their honey is bitter and thin.”

The old king rolled his eyes. He had nothing to fear.
Why, hadn’t that voice warned him twice just last year?
And wasn’t the bee town still his to abuse?
No, he wasn’t about to give in.

Now, I really must tell you, O dearly loved friend,
That, at that very instant, the king met his end
And the Great Spirit’s eye fell at once on the queen.
“Will you try to bring peace here for Me?”

“With your help,” smiled the queen, “I will love them for You.”
The bees leapt to their feet and with vigor anew
Gathered buckets of honey all creamy and sweet
Ah, they feasted on crumpets and tea.

Though life for the bees is not perfect, the queen
Tries to rule them all justly. Each day she is seen
Helping busy bee subjects succeed at their work,
Buzzes rising in sweet harmony.

And to this very day, O my friend and my dear,
There is hardly a hive or a home where you’ll hear
Of the old King of Bees, for his misdeeds are dim
In the annals of bee history.

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Poems of Friends

Nursery Rhymes Revisited

A Woman and Her Shoe

There was an old woman
Who lived in a shoe.
She had dozens of children
And knew what to do.

She sent them to school
And she taught them to pray
And they loved the whole world
When they all moved away.


Helping Humpty

Humpty Dumpty
at on a wall.
His mother had warned him
He could have a fall.

“I would love to come down,
But I can’t find the way.”
So they built him some steps
And he’s with us today.


Miss Muffet Changes Her Attitude

Little Miss Muffet
Held on to her tuffet
Doing her deep knee bends.

Along came a spider
Who pliéd beside her
And now they’re the bestest of friends.


A Just King

Old King Cole was a merry old soul.
A Bahá’í he decided to be.
He brought about justice.
He brought about peace
By virtue of royal decree.

Ev’ry day King Cole feels such love in his soul,
He invites all the people around
To work and to pray
To eat goodies and play
And to join in the Faith he has found.


Study Buddies

Jack and Jill
Went up a hill
To study math and hist’ry.

They got an A
In math next day
But hist’ry’s still a myst’ry.

Jill and Jack
Had found the knack
Of working well together.

And now they know,
Where e’er they go
They’ll stay good friends forever.


Written with Khalil Moutrie:

Naw-Rúz Surprise

Old Mother Hubbard
Went to the cupboard
To get some goodies for Feast

And when she got there,
There was plenty to spare
Because she’d been fasting for weeks.


Three Mice That Saw

Three fine mice.
Three fine mice.
See how they work!
See how they pray!

They always helped out the farmer’s wife.
They never knew hatred. They never knew strife.
They laughed and they served ‘til the end of their life
Those three fine mice.

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Poems of Friends

The Vegetable Polka

An artichoke and a Brussels sprout
Decided that they’d both go out
To dance in the moonlight round about
In the vegetable garden

O the carrot led with celery
The onion hopped with the broccoli
The moonlight shone as they danced with glee
The vegetable polka

A rabbit chanced to happen by
The dancing veggies caught his eye
Decided he would make a pie
Of the vegetable garden

He sidled up to the crispy kale
But a radish grabbed him by the tail
He spend the night in a leaky pail
In the vegetable garden

Next time you’re ripe for a veggie stew
And you’re headed out back, here’s what to do
Just pick those plants while the moon is new
So you won’t get caught
In an old stew pot
In the vegetable garden

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Poems of Friends

To Be a Fair Princess

To be a fair princess
Dear ladies and gents,
Requires some wisdom,
Requires some sense.
A princess of fairness
Brings joy to the land,
And her presence at court
Is in highest demand.

To be a good princess,
Or better than fair,
A wit that is quick
Must live under her hair.
A princess that’s good
Has some wisdom and loves
To turn dark warring knights
Into tender white doves.

To be the best princess,
The best princess ever,
Demands that the royal one
Be more than clever.
She needs more than kindness.
She needs to be trusted,
For lying, in rulers,
Makes people disgusted.

The worth of a princess
Is not in her looks,
Her castle, her parents,
Her hundreds of books.
The worth of a princess
Is there from the start.
It comes from the goodness
That lives in her heart.

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