Poems of Faith

Holy Day Vision

I’m supposed to try to take a rest
Before we gather, remembering Him
But the stars are sparkling their very best
And I can’t seem to close my eyes.

In just a few hours, the music will ring
As we all gather, remembering Him,
And the voices of choirs and birds will all sing
From the earth to the shimmering skies.

From the foot of the hill, from the edge of the sea
Will come candles and roses and big pots of tea.
Our neighbors, our friends, and our whole family,
Will gather for comfort and prayer.

His trials are over. We think of them still
As we all gather, remembering Him.
I’m sure I hear angels with voices that thrill,
Chanting verses that spread through the air.

Come over as soon as dad says it’s all right
Before everyone gathers, remembering Him
And watch with me here as we wait for this night
The Ascension of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá.

Holy Day Vision PDF

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