Poems of Family

Family Fun

Just once a year, my family
Decides to break a rule.
We pick a hot, hot August day
Before we’re back in school.

Instead of dinner, we pile in
Our car to take a ride.
We stop before the ice cream store
And all end up inside.

“I’ll have vanilla!” “Mocha chip!”
“Mine’s tutti frutti lite!”
Then out we go to taste and crunch up
Every single bite.

We slurp each drip and lick all round.
We burp sometimes, or hum.
We always laugh and smile about
More flavors that could come:

Superman and bubble gum
Mint double fudge royale,
White House cherry, maple mousse,
And caramel fudge lo-cal.

That’s not the end. O no it’s not!
We’re soon inside the store,
Each choosing one more yummy cone.
Then maybe just one more.

When finally we’ve had our fill,
We head home to our beds.
We stretch out full and dream of fun
And ice cream in our heads.

It’s such a treat to go to sleep
With stomachs round and cool.
I love our one-time ice cream meal
Before we’re back in school.

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