Poems of Faith

Taking Courage

Remember the day that you took your new bat,
Swung it high in the branches, just missing the cat?
When it fell, the car’s headlight was right in its way.
You found me and told me the truth right away.
That took courage.

Remember when Juana and you saw the games?
A whole busload of kids started calling her names
You stayed close beside her, yes, stood by her side
Refusing to leave her ’til she had a ride.
That took courage.

Remember when everyone thought you weren’t cool
Cuz you went to Bahá’í class each day after school?
Kids called you “Be High,” but you went anyway
And didn’t complain that you’d just rather play.
That took courage.

When the Master was little, He often was chased
By young boys with big stones, until one day He faced them
And ran toward them shouting. That scared them a lot.
So they ran far away, thinking they might get caught.
He had courage.

When I think of my life and the people I know,
Old and young, large and small, weak and strong, fast and slow.
They all have their strengths. They have things they do best.
And I know there’s one virtue you show in a test.
You have courage.

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