Poems of Friends

King of the Bees

The day was so warm and so sunny and fine.
The Queen Bee had just hung the wash on the line
When the King of the Bees sipped his last cup of tea
And said, “What a great day to be bad!”

He lazily strolled through the frantic bee town
Throwing, tickling, and kicking bees up and bees down.
Damaged drones of all sizes and shapes lined his path.
All the bee folk were angry and sad.

The Great Spirit peered down, as He often will do,
And He called out, “O King of the Bee Hives, will you
Please stop hurting your subjects? They can’t laugh or work,
And their honey is bitter and thin.”

The old king rolled his eyes. He had nothing to fear.
Why, hadn’t that voice warned him twice just last year?
And wasn’t the bee town still his to abuse?
No, he wasn’t about to give in.

Now, I really must tell you, O dearly loved friend,
That, at that very instant, the king met his end
And the Great Spirit’s eye fell at once on the queen.
“Will you try to bring peace here for Me?”

“With your help,” smiled the queen, “I will love them for You.”
The bees leapt to their feet and with vigor anew
Gathered buckets of honey all creamy and sweet
Ah, they feasted on crumpets and tea.

Though life for the bees is not perfect, the queen
Tries to rule them all justly. Each day she is seen
Helping busy bee subjects succeed at their work,
Buzzes rising in sweet harmony.

And to this very day, O my friend and my dear,
There is hardly a hive or a home where you’ll hear
Of the old King of Bees, for his misdeeds are dim
In the annals of bee history.

King of the Bees PDF

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