Poems of Family

Building Blocks

I sure miss my sister
She’s moving away.
Pretty soon, all her things will be gone.
Her room next to mine
Will be empty and echo.
Today, she was married to John.

She says she and John
Have been building a house.
All the walls are these bricks made of prayer
So no earthquake or flood
Can tear down their new home
Since it’s built with such strong, loving care.

The wedding was wonderful!
Flowers and friends
Filled the room and spilled out on the lawn.
Lots of people said prayers
And I felt their home grow
As bricks piled up for Jessie and John.

When she left, Jessie whispered,
“You’re part of me always.”
She hugged me real tight on her way.
Then I whispered back,
“I’ll sing ‘O Son of Man!’
And build blocks for your house every day.”

I still miss my sister
But she was quite right.
We really are not far apart
Because when I’m building
Some bricks with my prayers,
I can feel her right here in my heart.

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