Poems of Faith

The Invitation

“Dear Pen Pal,” I wrote yesterday
Just putting my thoughts down,
“I got an invitation from
The Assembly in my town.”

“They asked if they could see me.
Well, I wondered what I’d done.
I wondered if I’d broken laws.
Had gossip struck my tongue?”

“With pounding heart and fearful thoughts
I read the printed words:
‘Please come to our next meeting
On September twenty-third.’”

“The day arrived. I can’t describe
How nervous I was feeling.
I knew that if I heard a ‘Boo’
I’d jump right through the ceiling.”

“Well then, dear Pen Pal, what came next
Surprised me to the core.
Every person welcomed me
As I came through the door.”

“They said, ‘Dear Fred, we’re very glad
To see that you could come.
Would you please read your favorite prayer
To bless our meeting’s home?’”

“I never knew that these nine folks
Would show me such respect.
But why was I invited there?
You never will suspect!”

“They’d heard that I had teaching goals
And asked if I would share
The things I’d learned, my small success,
At Feast, after the prayers.”

“By this time, I was feeling great,
Wrapped ‘round with tender care.
I wondered why I’d worried so.
I felt such safety there.”

“You know what?” I wrote happily,
“If someday you should look
To find an answer you can’t find
From any friend or book.”

“Ask your Assembly. They all help
The people where you live.
I really wish you’d been with me
To feel the love they give.”

“Dad says that you can visit soon.
Bring LEGO blocks and skates.
We’ll have a snack so we can use
My superhero plates.”

“Chinchilla barked. Remember him?
It must be time for bed.
Don’t ever let the bedbugs bite.
Sincerely, your friend Fred.”

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