Poems of Friends

Great Places A to Z

“Hey, I know my letters!” yelled Albert one day.
“O yeah? Are you sure?” Zelda started to say.
“I’ll tell you my favorite places to be
And great stuff I like,” Albert said, “A to Z.”

A is for airport from whence people fly
To visit Australia or France or Mumbai.

B is for bathtub, all bubbly and hot,
Where I can get squeaky when spotless I’m not.

C is for city with people en masse.
And C is for country with cows, trees, and grass.

D is for desert where sunsets supreme
Show colors so thick you could eat them with cream.

E is for elevator. It’s such fun
To push all the buttons in rows, one by one.

F is for forest with creatures unseen
And sunlight in rays piercing through the thick green.

G is for garden, all weeded and neat.
New carrots with dirt are delicious to eat.

H is for home, O so cozy and warm,
A place meant for resting from testing and storm.

I is for island, surrounded by sea.
If you love to swim, it’s a great place to be.

J is for jungle, all luscious and shower-y,
All much overgrown-y, insect-y and flowery.

K is for kitchen where everyone meets,
Makes jokes and tells stories and giggles and eats.

L is for lake and the loons living there
Who call for their mates in the soft evening air.

M is for mountain, majestic and craggy,
Where mountain goats’ coats get all matted and shaggy.

N is for nursery, just up the stairs,
Where mothers and dads sometimes sing us our prayers.

O is for outside where we love to play
By the creek, on the swings, up the trees, in the hay.

P is for playground, all covered with friends.
It’s always too soon when our afternoon ends.

Q is for quasar, a kind of black hole.
I wouldn’t go visit if Mars is your goal.

R is for refuge, a good place to hide
With feelings of sad, mad, or quiet inside.

S is for school where we learn the three “R’s”
And all about lizards and singing and stars.

T is for there, which is someplace not here,
Sometimes very distant, sometimes very near.

U is for universe, vast, deep, and wide.
We could travel forever and still be inside.

V is for valley where food can be grown.
Folks yodel their messages when there’s no phone.

W is world. All this big world around
Will soon be at peace, not a war to be found.

X is for xebec, a great place afloat.
Just in case you’ve not seen one, a xebec’s a boat.

Y is for yurt, a small house with a dome.
If you were a nomad, you might call it home.

Z is for zenith, that star’s path up high.
Or a great big success we can reach if we try.

“So Zelda my friend, did I do it all right?”
“Yep. You certainly did. Now let’s both say good night.”
“But it’s only lunchtime,” smiled Al, “about noon.”
“Well, we’ve sure traveled far!” Zelda yawned. ”See you soon.”

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