Poems of Friends

The Vegetable Polka

An artichoke and a Brussels sprout
Decided that they’d both go out
To dance in the moonlight round about
In the vegetable garden

O the carrot led with celery
The onion hopped with the broccoli
The moonlight shone as they danced with glee
The vegetable polka

A rabbit chanced to happen by
The dancing veggies caught his eye
Decided he would make a pie
Of the vegetable garden

He sidled up to the crispy kale
But a radish grabbed him by the tail
He spend the night in a leaky pail
In the vegetable garden

Next time you’re ripe for a veggie stew
And you’re headed out back, here’s what to do
Just pick those plants while the moon is new
So you won’t get caught
In an old stew pot
In the vegetable garden

The Vegetable Polka PDF

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