Poems of Faith

The Secret Place

I have a secret hiding place.
I know you’d like to see
The shining little secret door,
The tiny golden key.

My secret room is found atop
A secret winding stair
And here I listen for the Friend
Who comes to join me there.

I often clean my secret place
With mop and brush and broom
Until the cozy glow of love
Lights up my secret room.

With dust and cobwebs whisked away,
A flowered carpet grows
Where secret seeds have given way
To hyacinth and rose.

A fire is kindled in the hearth.
Soft-pillowed chairs embrace
My Friend and me as we both sing
To bless my secret place.

Now I’ve been told that everyone
Can find his secret door.
The tiny key is waiting where
No one had looked before.

To find it, simply close both eyes.
The secret treasure chart
Is waiting in the sacred words
That live inside your heart.

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